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Tangerines are smaller and less rounded than common oranges. The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange. A ripe tangerine is firm to slightly soft and pebbly-skinned with no deep grooves, as well as orange in color. The peel is thin, with little bitter white mesocarp. All of these traits are basically shared by mandarins.

Tangerines were first grown and cultivated as a distinct crop in the Americas by a Major Atway in Palatka, Florida. The story is that he imported them from Morocco (from the city Tangier), which was, therefore said, the origin of the name. In 1843, the Major sold his groves to N. H. Moragne in 1843, giving the Moragne tangerine the other part of its name.

Peak tangerine season lasts from autumn to spring, but Tangerines in Thailand do have extended seasons.
Tangerines are most commonly peeled and eaten by hand. The fresh fruit is also used in salads, desserts, and main dishes.

Our Delivery

We deliver our tangerines – which come directly from farms in Chiang Mai – right to your doorstep and we use the following system for ordering:
Orders are accepted with a minimum of 5 kilos, the price per 5 kilo box is 555 Baht and 900 Baht for a 10 kg box.  Transportation fees throughout Thailand included.
We send out orders 2 times per week, normally on Monday and Thursday.

Tangerines Wholesale

If you want to buy and sell our products in large quantities, we are open to discuss the terms and conditions for partnering together (along with the prices for tangerines and transportation). ***

*** Nannazz Fruits delivers the tangerines directly to your doorstep, convenient and reliable! ***