Raw HoneyBox


Raw HoneyBox

Nannazz HoneyBox by Nannazz Fruits contains Raw Honey, exactly in the way it comes out of the Bee Hive!!

This natural honey contains bee pollen, some beeswax, and plenty of naturally-occurring enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Nannazz HoneyBox - Natural Raw Honey with HoneycombOrganic Raw Honey, Pure Honey, and Processed Honey in the supermarket?

Most of the processed honey you buy in the supermarket is not 100% honey. Because of adding corn syrup, you basically buy a sugary syrup with at its best honey characteristics. Although pure honey doesn’t have corn syrup added, it still goes through a process of heating and filtration. It even has anti-granulation agents added to make the honey look clear and attractive to the eye.

Regrettably, to avoid honey to crystallize in the jar, they need this process but it eliminates the honey’s cloudy nature and the important nutrients.

The conclusion is that with all beneficial enzymes and bee pollen removed, we are not talking about the superfood that honey in essence is.

Organic Raw Honey

So to get all the health benefits and to eat honey as a superfood, you should eat organic raw honey. It is a better choice for your health, has a greater taste, makes bees happy, and has no bad impact on the environment.

Organic honey is produced from the pollen of organically grown plants, so no chemicals are used to treat the bees or the plants in the flying range of the bees. Therefore, our HoneyBox with raw honey is a healthy and safe product.

Nannazz HoneyBox is 100% raw and unprocessed!
Our honey is organically produced and prepared following strict regulations of the GAP standards.

Nannazz HoneyBox - Organic Natural Raw HoneyNannazz HoneyBox - Organic Natural Raw Honey

Our Nannazz HoneyBox is available in two sizes, namely the 250 grams, and 400 grams container.

Prices Nannazz HoneyBox:
HoneyBox Container 250 grams: 290 Baht
HoneyBox Container 400 grams: 390 Baht

Both products have shipping fees included.